Job Openings for 2013

Part Time Assistant Website Developer and Administrator

Are you a secret creative superhero living as a technical virtuoso? Are you ready to utilize all your talents and contribute your spectacular ideas? Then send us your resume. Join our web team and help build the next “Batmobile”.

 Job Breakdown:

“I’m Batman” (Creative Development/Administration)

  • Visionary: Work with the web team to develop ongoing web content and strategies.
  • Inventor: Use your specialized skills to create widgets, SEO updates and make improvements. Support production using design software and website management.
  • Enforcer: work to facilitate site programming, system administration, and ensure proper site maintenance and security.

Bruce Wayne: “It’s not who I am underneath, but what I *do* that defines me.” (Technical Development/Administration)

  • Braniac: Assist in blog brainstorming, coordinating blog and blog maintenance.
  • Whiz: Manage the back-end of the website. This includes (partly): troubleshooting using your programming knowledge, entering client data and media in a timely manner and keeping the site current.
  • Schmoozer: Work with web team to develop and implement social marketing strategies and link building.
  • Investigator: Assist team with ongoing industry research

Alfred (Services & Support)

  • Stabilizer: Work under manager to help perform routine server maintenance and support/troubleshoot local and mobile services, desktop, email, server, & remote users.


$10/HR; around 25 HR a week – Qualifications very based on position:

Above all: Critical Thinking, Outspoken, Team Player, Motivated, Entrepreneurial

Programming: PHP, MySQL, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, etc.

Marketing: Photoshop or Illustrator, Copy-writing, SEO, WordPress, Strong Analytical Skills, E-Mail Marketing (Mail Chimp, Constant Contact)

2001 Tarob Ct. / Milpitas , CA 95035

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  1. Fatema N. Julia

    2755 Britt ct., San Jose, CA 95148
    Phone: 408 246 1598 (Home)
    919 273 4421 (Cell)
    [email protected]


    MS in Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Memphis, TN, USA; GPA 3.4 Dec 2007
    B.Sc. in Electronics and Computer Science, Jahangirnagar University, Dhaka, Bangladesh; GPA 3.6 Dec 2003


    Graduate Teaching Assistant Sept 2005-Dec 2007
    Dept. of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Memphis, Memphis, TN

    · Coordinated in teaching and grading graduate level course titled “Image Processing”
    · Coordinated in teaching and grading practical lab for graduate level course titled “Computer Architecture”

    Graduate Research Assistant Sept 2005-Dec 2007
    Intelligent System and Image Processing Lab
    Dept. of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Memphis, Memphis, TN

    · Work in a project entitled ‘Dialog Act classification using acoustic and discourse information of conversational speech
    · Investigate information retrieval issues from speech and text data such as acoustic and discourse features extraction and classification
    · Exploit different classification tools such as Support Vector Machine (SVM), and Hidden Markov Model (HMM)
    · Use Matlab, and Perl to develop and test our model

    Engineering Intern Jun 2007- Aug 2007
    FedEx, Memphis, TN

    · Worked on a project to build FedEx Quick Help Files using Content Management System (CMS)
    · Created Quick Help Files for FedEx Ship Manager and Shipping Administration
    · Loaded the files into Team site for 136 countries divided into 4 regions
    · Wrote HTML code for provided documents
    · Tested functionality of the developed system


    1. Fatema N. Julia, Khan M. Iftekharuddin, Atiq Islam: “Dialog Act Classification Using Acoustic and Discourse Information of Maptask Data”, International Journal of Computational Intelligence and Applications 9(4): 289-311, 2010
    2. Fatema Julia and Khan Iftekharuddin; “Dialog Act Classification using Acoustic and Discourse Information of MapTask Data”, Accepted in International Joint Conference on Neural Networks (IJCNN), Hong Kong, June 2008

    3. Fatema Julia and Khan Iftekharuddin; “Detection of Emotional Expressions in Speech”, Proceedings of the IEEE Southeast Conference, pp. 307-312, Memphis, USA, April 2006
    Computer Skills

    High Level Languages : C, Java
    Database : ORACLE, SQL, Data Warehousing, Business Object, Informatica
    Front End Tool : VB 6.0
    Modeling Language : UML, ERWIN
    Reporting Tools : MS Excel
    Script & Web development : LYX, PERL, XHTML, ColdFusion, PHP, CSS
    Other Packages : MS Word
    Operating Systems : LINUX, Windows 95/98/00/ XP & NT
    Electronics & Communications : VLSI, VHDL, MATLAB, MATHCAD, Assembly Language (8086)
    Others : PC troubleshooting, operating system and networking installation.
    Platforms : Windows 2000, LINUX, Unix (Sun Solaris)

    Major Projects

    Design and develop a website for the Star law firm
    This is a group project that involves designing and developing a website that contains an inventory control system capable of maintaining information about each of Star’s computer hardware assets. The website is intended for use primarily by the firm’s office administrators, who have a moderate amount of experience with web-based applications. The website provides facilities to assign a new piece of hardware to an employee, to reassign existing hardware, and perform other hardware control tasks. Implementation: using XHTML, PHP, and MySQL.

    Detection of Emotional Expressions in Speech
    This project works with emotion recognition in spoken dialogs and proposes an implementation of such a system using acoustic features. The data corpus contains 322 utterances expressing four emotions such as happy, angry, sad, and fear. 50% of the total data is used for training while the other 50% is used for testing. We use 21 features extracted from our features set in our experiment. The feature vectors are normalized by using Z-score normalization. The multi-class Support Vector machine (SVM) and Hidden Markov model (HMM) classifiers are used for classification. Finally the overall accuracy that we obtain is 54% using SVM and 57% using HMM. Implementation: using Matlab.

    Dialog Moves Classification from Conversational Speech
    The purpose of this project is to classify speech act or dialogue moves of MapTask data corpus. In our work we classify four dialogue moves such as instruct, check, query-yn, and acknowledge. First we do POS tag to each of the word of each sample. Then we keep the sequence of tag of each sentence. After getting all the sequences, train our classifier for each sentence of all dialogue moves. In our work we have used Hidden Markov model (HMM) with discrete output as classifier. Finally the overall accuracy of our model is 78%. Implementation: using Perl and Matlab.

    Automation of Exam Control System
    The traditional life cycle of ‘System Analysis and Design’ is followed and practiced in this project using Unified Modeling Language (UML). Upon collecting the data by interviewing office persons using our designed questioners, the feasibility study is done and then the functionality of the system was analyzed. Implementation: using C/C++.

    Design and Simulation of Datapath
    This project involved designing the layout of the parts of datapath like AND gate, OR gate, Multiplexer, Register, Shifter, ALU, XOR, Inverter and many other logic circuits to get the “datapath”. The IRSIM is used for simulation. We design the system using UML (Unified Modeling Language). Implementation: using VLSI, Magic, UML, and IRSIM.

    Voluntary Work Experiences (Team Work)
    · Active participator Society of Women Engineer Association of UofM 2005 – 2006
    · Joint Secretary of JUCUF (Jahangirnagar University Computer Users Forum) 2001 – 2003
    · Member of the book distribution committee of a volunteer organization, “BookWarm” 1999 – 2003

    Awards and Honors
    · Got the 1st prize in a national Impromptu Speech Competition 1989
    · Took part as a team leader in “Bangladesh Television School Debate Competition” 1992, 1993
    · Took part as a team leader in “Jahangirnagar University Debate Competition” 1998-2003
    · Got the best debater honor for a couple of times

    List of graduate courses completed

    University of Memphis
    Electrical and Computer Engineering

    Web Design and Development
    Image Processing
    Software Engineering
    Multimedia Information Processing
    Computational Intelligence
    Natural Language Processing
    Cognitive Science
    Random signal and Noise

    List of undergrad courses completed (short list)

    Modern Physics and Quantum Concepts
    Electrical Circuits and Machines
    Electronics Circuits
    Digital Electronics
    Electronics Devices
    VLSI Design
    Control Theory
    Computer Fundamentals and Programming Language
    Database, Systems Analysis & Design
    Computer Programming
    Data Structure and Algorithm
    Microprocessor and their Applications
    Communication Engineering
    Computer Architecture and Operating Systems
    Computer Graphics and Pattern Recognition
    Computer Networks
    Software Engineering
    Artificial Intelligence
    Computer Peripherals

    Available upon request

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