Purchase the Newly-Built Home Of Your Dreams In Five Easy Steps

Purchase the Newly-Built Home of Your Dreams In Five Easy Steps

Buying new home construction can differ greatly from purchasing a previously lived-in dwelling. While buying an already-established home entails working with prior owners, those interested in newly-constructed properties will be dealing directly with the builder. This can actually work to your benefit, as many owners increase their selling price based on an emotional response to all the great memories created in their home.

However, other more practical concerns will also play a significant role. These include things like setting up financing and establishing a realistic budget, as well as acquiring pre-approval from a bank or other financial entity. Buyers must also consider less obvious expenses related to property taxes and maintenance costs, which can add up quickly. Failure to evaluate each detail on its own may result in a much higher final cost than initially expected.

Because the overall process can be quite challenging, those interested in purchasing

There’s No Place Like Home – The Why Or Why Not Of Building A New Home

There's No Place Like Home - The Why Or Why Not Of Building A New Home

So you’ve decided to buy a home – congratulations! For many people, this is the biggest purchase they will make over the course of a lifetime. Because of this, however, there are some associated stresses due to what’s plausibly a long and difficult process. You may be wondering whether you should buy an already existing home, or build one yourself. Here are some pros and cons of each potential decision.

Pros of Building Your Own Home:


If you build your own home, you are in the unique position of being able to direct a vast array of choices. You can essentially get the house to be very close to, if not exactly, the way you want it. Your developer or builder will work with you, and you can direct him or her on things such as paint colors, wall placement, etc.


Most homebuyers prefer building a home or buying